A white rabbit wearing women’s underwear…A 2 Ton elephant in a Mini Skirt…Dreams, ever wonder what they mean? Here is a place to find answers to your sleeping dreams, no matter how crazy they are. Gathered together here are definitions based on what different litterary experts feel specific dream symbols translate into.

Dreams speak our subconscious thoughts, and these thoughts can effect our relationships with others. My goal with this glossary is to help other\\’s interpret their dreams in order to better enhance their relationships.

To know the dream is to understand the dreamer...

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There are currently 15 symbols in this directory beginning with the letter R.
A fresh downpour symbolizes a washing or cleansing away of the old. Alternately, a rainy day may indicate a gloomy situation. To hear the patter of rain on the roof may signify domestic bliss, while seeing a downpour of rain from inside a house may represent requited love and fortune. Seeing it rain on others may mean that you are excluding friends from your confidence.

Usually seen after rain storms in nature, their appearance in dreams may represent that favorable conditions will arise after a brief period of unpleasantness. Seeing a low-hanging rainbow over verdant trees may signify success in any endeavor.

If you dream of a ram charging you with its head down, that indicates you are under attack from some quarter. If the ram is near, it may indicate that the attack is near or that you will have little time to react. A ram charging from a distance suggests that you will have time to respond to the situation. Consider whether someone in your life is trying to ram something down your throat. If the ram is quietly grazing in a pasture, the indication could be that you have powerful allies on your side.

Rapids represent danger and a fear of being swept away by emotions.

Rats are generally associated with filth and dilapidation. Dreaming of a rat or rats may suggest the deterioration of a situation. Ask yourself who the rat is in your life.

The color red is often associated with vitality and energy, the heart, and blood. The color red in a dream can also mean anger or strong emotions as in seeing red. Red often indicates that the dream originates from the deepest level of your being.

A referee in a dream can symbolize an inner battle taking place or it can relate to conflict in your daily life. Can you identify the issue? If so, weigh the two sides, negotiate, and reach a settlement. Sometimes working with a third party, not involved in the dispute, can help.

The word resurrection has positive and miracles implications. Jesus resurrected on the third day, and he also resurrected Lazarus. The theme of resurrection is explored in all cultures and religions. It is always something awesome and wondrous. Dreaming about resurrection may point to the awakening of your spiritual nature. If you came into knowledge or enlightenment that you never had before, the dream could be referring to the resurrection of the spirit. This dream could also represent insight a new energy. Some think that dreams about resurrection are symbolic of reincarnation.

Are you dreaming about ornamental jewelry or merely noise? If you are dreaming the former, the ring may be symbolic of your commitments and promises. The ring can been seen from a larger point of view as a circle, which is a symbol of completion and wholeness. If the ring is a noise, it can be interpreted as an attention- seeking message. Consider those things that you have been ignoring or unwilling to look at and examine the details of your dream. Some people believe that a type of pleasant ringing may be a joyful noise and that it is the sound of God. In that case this dream is a real blessing!

A dream of floating down a river might indicate a lack of motivation. Are you allowing surrounding circumstances to direct your life, rather than taking charge? A dream of a surging, frothing river may relate to deep-seated anger. In mythology, a river sometimes relates to death or the passing from one state to another.

A road is a means of getting from one place to another. What is the condition of the road in your dream? A smooth and straight road suggests the path ahead is easy. A road with dips and curves may indicate that you need to be aware, flexible, and ready for change. A roadblock suggests that there are detours in your path.

Roller coaster
Dreaming about a roller coaster ride seems to symbolize the emotional ups and downs that a person is experiencing. Although, this ride can be fun, it can also seem out-of-control and even be a frightening experience. As a dream symbols it suggests that the dreamer may need to achieve greater emotional balance. The sever changes in mood and temperament are draining and unproductive and maybe highlighted by the roller coaster dream. If the dream is feeling emotionally flat and apathetic, then this dream may be a form of compensation.

At times, a roof represents the crown choker. It may represent a barrier between states of consciousness or be symbolic of your ideology and philosophy. If you are dreaming about a leaky roof, new information may be trying to get into your conscious awareness. On a more pragmatic note, the roof in your dreams could be bringing up issues of protection and materialistic comfort (a roof over your head). See also: House

The meaning of this symbol could be very much like that of chickens. However, the rooster represents male energy and possibly aggression. If you ever observed a rooster in a hen house you would notice that they are very aggressive, demanding, and territorial. This dream may be pointing to these characteristics inside of you or others. A rooster crowing is a traditional wake-up call on a farm while in literature it is sometimes symbolic of some type of a warning. If the rooster in your dream is crowing, think about your current situation and if this dream is a wake-up call in regard to a situation in your life.

To dream of something in ruins suggests the deterioration of some condition in your life. Keep in mind that when things fall apart an opportunity to rebuild inevitably appears. If you are planning a trip, especially one to another culture, a dream of ancient ruins could symbolize the adventure of the journey ahead. Alternately, it could signify that you have the ability to access knowledge or wisdom from the past.

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