The suggestions below are not guaranteed to make a person fall in love with you, but will better increase your odds or increasing those feelings. In the end, remember respect is key and no means no! If someone asks you to stop, you stop.

  1. Call her the next day.
  2. Always laugh at her jokes.
  3. Tell her (truthfully) that you can’t wait to see her again.
  4. Offer her a backrub, without asking for one in return.
  5. Call her just to say you were thinking about her.
  6. Bring her a teddy bear and chicken soup when she’s sick.
  7. Write her a poem.
  8. Slow dance with her (not only on a dance floor).
  9. Bring her flowers for no reason.
  10. Send her a (handwritten) letter just to say hello.
  11. Always remember your anniversaries and bring her something sweet.
  12. Kiss her in the middle of a sentence.
  13. Take her for a walk at sunset and stay to look up at the stars.
  14. Tell her something about you that no one else knows.
  15. Remind her that you still think she’s beautiful.
  16. Take a bubble bath together.
  17. Watch a sappy movie with her.
  18. Surprise her with a candle light dinner.
  19. Never stop trying to impress her.
  20. Tell her you love her
  21. Never forget how much she means to you.


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