A white rabbit wearing women’s underwear…A 2 Ton elephant in a Mini Skirt…Dreams, ever wonder what they mean? Here is a place to find answers to your sleeping dreams, no matter how crazy they are. Gathered together here are definitions based on what different litterary experts feel specific dream symbols translate into.

Dreams speak our subconscious thoughts, and these thoughts can effect our relationships with others. My goal with this glossary is to help other\\’s interpret their dreams in order to better enhance their relationships.

To know the dream is to understand the dreamer...

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There are currently 22 symbols in this directory beginning with the letter H.
To see a haggard face in your dreams denotes you will meet with defeat in your love affair or it may promise business losses. Your own face appearing haggard may mean you are in for a bout of ill health for yourself, or the ill health of a business enterprise. Your haggard face and a feeling of being tired means you should slow down and rest before illness strikes.

To dream of being in a hailstorm, or to hear hail knocking against the house represents being besieged by a troubling matter, thoughts, or emotions. However, if you dream of watching hail fall through sunshine and rain, it may suggest that fortune and pleasure will shine on you after a brief period of trouble or misery.

Hair can appear in many different ways and is open to many interpretations. To dream that you have a beautiful head of hair and are combing it indicates thoughts of appearance over substance. To see your hair turn unexpectedly white suggests sudden misfortune and grief over a situation at hand, while a dream that you have a full head of white hair suggests a pleasing and fortunate passage through life. For a man to dream that his hair is thinning suggests misfortune due to generosity, or illness through worry. To see yourself covered in hair represents an indulgence in vice, while a dream of tangled and unkempt hair suggests trouble or concern over a matter at hand. For a woman to compare a white hair with a black one taken from her head symbolizes a hesitation between two paths.

For a woman to dream of going to a hairdresser shows she will soon be entangled in some family scandal concerning the morals of a member of her family. Should she have her hair dyed, she will narrowly escape imprisonment. For a man to dream of a hairdresser will presage much gossip or a need to dominate a beautiful woman.

A hammer may suggest strength or power. However, because it can be used for either constructive or destructive purposes, how the hammer is used is the key to its meaning.

A dream of a hand (or hands) is open to numerous interpretations, depending on what the hand (or hands) is doing and the surrounding circumstances. Shaking hands is an act of friendship or an agreement. Hands folded in prayer may suggest you are seeking help or pursuing religious or spiritual urgings. A hand that is grasping at something may suggest a fear of death. As a metaphor, a hand may suggest that-some-thing important is at hand. To see beautiful hands in a dream signifies feelings of great honor and rapid advancement in a matter at hand. Ugly and malformed hands point to disappointment and poverty. A detached hand represents solitude; people may fail to understand your views and feeling in a matter. Burning your hands in a dream suggests that you have overreached your abilities and will suffer some loss because of it. A dream of washing your hands indicates participation in some joyous affair.

If you find yourself handcuffed in a dream this shows that you will be beset by enemies. If you see a pair of handcuffs this will show that there is a possible illness for you in the near future. If you see someone else handcuffed then you will overcome all your enemies and win out.

If you are currently experiencing sadness this dream may be an attempt to compensate and to comfort you. Traditionally this may be called a dream of the contrary. Extreme happiness in a dream calls for an evaluation of daily reality in an attempt to identify those things that are difficult and painful, (i.e. things that make you feel the opposite of happy). Dreaming of happy children is said to be a good omen.

A harvest represents completion and abundance, and may indicate that your reward is due. As with all symbols, personal connotations are important. For instance, if you grew up on a farm, the dream could mean a longing to return to the past or to simpler times.

A hat covers the head and can suggest that the person wearing it is concealing something, as in keep it under your hat. Dreaming that you have a feather in your hat indicates achievement.

Dreaming of a human head could indicate that you are ahead, or successful, on a matter of importance. A head also symbolizes a source of wisdom.

To see a heart might relate to romantic inclinations. Is there a heart throb in your life? Alternately, the image might suggest you get to the heart of the matter. On the negative side, if your heart is bleeding, it may mean that excessive sympathy is becoming a burden for you or the recipient, or both.

Heaven represents all of those things for which most people hope. Some of us may not be convinced of its existence, but all of us have definite ideas about what heaven should be like. In your dreams it may symbolize happiness, peace, understanding, rest, love, union between God and man, and many more positive things. Some people work for a heaven on Earth. Others believe that there are many different heavens and in their dreams they visit those place through soul travel. Whatever your belief system or your dream experience may be, this dream usually leaves you feeling positive and energized.

Wearing a helmet in a dream denotes protection. The helmet could also symbolize that you need to guard your time, thoughts, or ideas.

High Tide
To dream of a high tide symbolizes that a change, usually favorable, is in order, as in the phrase the tides are turning.

Holes, as all other dream symbols, can only be appropriately interpreted by considering the details and the emotional content of the dream. Holes in socks, clothing, furniture, etc., may represent feelings of faultiness or depravation. You may be bringing your attention to the fact that there is something missing or in need of repair in your life. At times holes can represent the female sex organs. Dark holes can symbolize the great unknown or the entrance to the unconscious. If there are many negative or frightening feelings associated with this dream, you may be becoming aware of some problematic or troublesome situation in your life.

(family) If you dream of visiting your old family home you will hear some very good news. If the home itself, is in a dilapidated condition and general neglect, this then is an omen that you will soon hear of the death of a close relative or a very dear friend. If you go home and find everything much the same as it was and you feel and express joy in the dream you will find love and joy in your present home.

Sweet experiences and good health are in your subconscious and most likely in your life.

A horse symbolizes strength, power, endurance, majesty, and virility. A man dreaming of a horse might desire virility and sexual prowess; a woman might be expressing a desire for sexual intercourse. Riding a horse suggests one is in a powerful position. White horses represent purity, while black horses represent a postponement of pleasure.

To dream of your hugging a stranger suggests that you crave affection. If you know the person you are hugging, the interpretation will depend on your relationship to that person.

Dreaming of humidity represents the presence of an oppressive situation, either in work or at home.

Destructive and unpredictable, hurricane dreams can suggest different meanings depending on their context in the dream. To hear and see a hurricane coming at you symbolizes a feeling of torture and suspense over a matter at hand in which you are trying to avert failure. To dream of looking at the debris of a hurricane suggests that you will come close to calamity, but will be saved by the efforts of others. A dream in which you are in a house that is shattered by a hurricane and you are trying to save someone caught in the rubble may represent that your rife will suffer many changes but that there is still no peace in domestic or business matters. To see people dead and wounded suggests that you are concerned over the troubles of others.

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