Questions to Ask Before Marriage
- How well did we handle our relationship?
- Did we argue over a simple and silly thing very often?
- Did we exhibit the behavior of helping each other in the past? ( or just simple enjoy together )


A Guy Or A Man?
Men: know what they want to be doing five years down the road.
Guys: are not sure what they want to be doing later tonight.
Men: read Crichton, watch Rather, play golf.
Guys: read King, watch Seinfeld, play poker.

I Shall Be Married On Monday Morning
As I was walking one morning in spring,
I heard a fair maiden most charmingly sing,
All under her cow, as she sat a?milking,
Saying, I shall be married, next Monday morning.

The Honeymoon Suite
Last Valentines Day I booked a honeymoon suite for my husband of 8 years. I took the day off work on a Friday and went to the room, lit candles in the bedroom, and spread rose petals on the sheets and put champagne on ice.

Recipe: Valentine's Day Tarragon Lamb
Special recipe for Valentine's Day Tarragon Lamb

Type: Main dish, Meats

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