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Different Types of Love

LOVE - this word must be one of the most used words in the human world, regardless of the language or culture. But there are so many different meanings to this one simple word. This word is used often in all languages ​​to express the English word. It is hard to define this word universally,…
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3 Secrets to Getting More Love in Any Relationship

Many people, including me, know what it's like to feel a lack of love, compassion, and caring. I was abandoned by my mother at just three months old, and adopted at the tender, vulnerable age of seven, after several foster homes. I never felt loved by my adoptive mother, and my father was working or…
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Keys to Staying Connected in Your Relationship

"Marriage is not just about raising kids, splitting chores and making love. It can also have a spiritual dimension that has to do with creating an inner life together - a culture rich with rituals, and an appreciation for your roles and goals that link you ... "Gottman, 7 Principals of Making a Marriage Work…
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Are You a Believer in Romantic Love… Why?

The current 'atmosphere' of dating and relationships seems to be circulating the feeling of "I want it - but do I?". I walk past young lovers in Paris (I'm in Paris at the moment) and see a lot of couples enjoying the energy of the city and each other - playing flirting games of "I…
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Ways to Use Love As Your Fuel for Success

When speaking about success, most of us, especially motivational speakers talk about commitment, dedication and hard work. A few of us really talk about why other people are more committed, dedicated and more hard working than others. Almost none of us speak about where hard work and dedication comes from in the first place. We…
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Understanding Love’s True Nature

Since the dawn of homo sapiens, we have been exploring, experiencing, and trying to crack the secret code of love. Many of us seem to have forgotten that in the earlier days, free love was a scarcity. From aristocrats to slaves, marriages and relationships were often given as commands and choices of individuals in higher…
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Do I Have to Lose My Self to Love You?

As codependents we lose ourselves in relationships, unaware that losing our Self is the greatest despair. When the relationship inevitably ends, it's devastating, because we are lost. We lack autonomy because task task was not completed by adulthood. The struggle to achieve it is typical of codependent relationships. Often there are power struggles, characterized by…
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How Do You Love?

The English language uses a single word to express the broad spectrum of the meaning of love: from the "l love you" over a passionate declaration to a casual letter signature such as "lots of love." Greeks defined love in more sophisticated terms such as Eros (Intimacy and Passion), Ludus (Playfulness), Philia (Comradeship), Pragma (Long…
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How To Get The Love You Deserve

Love is a powerful emotion; it can nourish, invigorate, encourage, validate and heal. Love is the essence of who we are and the core of our existence. Where there is love, there is no fear, anger or hatred. We yearn for love as it is our birthright and whether or not we received it unconditionally…
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How Do You Love?

By Nadine Yaghi The English language uses a single word to express the broad spectrum of the meaning of

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