A white rabbit wearing women’s underwear…A 2 Ton elephant in a Mini Skirt…Dreams, ever wonder what they mean? Here is a place to find answers to your sleeping dreams, no matter how crazy they are. Gathered together here are definitions based on what different litterary experts feel specific dream symbols translate into.

Dreams speak our subconscious thoughts, and these thoughts can effect our relationships with others. My goal with this glossary is to help other\\’s interpret their dreams in order to better enhance their relationships.

To know the dream is to understand the dreamer...

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There are currently 15 symbols in this directory beginning with the letter O.
An oak tree represents strength, stability, endurance, truth, and wisdom. A dream with an oak may suggest that a strong, proper foundation has been established in a matter.

Oak tree
To dream of an old spreading oak means long life and prosperity. If it is filled with acorns you are due a promotion or some type of increase in your life. If a newlywed sees many oak trees in a forest it foretells a long marriage and many children. It is also the symbol for the tree of life and denotes good luck in all cases where the oak is healthy; reverse if the oak is sick or damaged.

An oar can represent masculinity and strength; it dips into the water, the emotions. To row vigorously suggests a need for aggressiveness or that you are moving through an issue. If you have only one oar and are rowing in a circle, it might suggest frustration at the lack of forward movement.

To dream of cooking and serving oatmeal shows that you will soon have control over the life and destiny of someone close to you. To eat oatmeal that someone has prepared especially for you denotes the addition of well earned finances in your environment for you to enjoy.

If you dream that someone is obligated to you means you will win to a high station in your life and/or business relations. To dream that you are under obligation to another person then this means that you have become the target of thoughtless actions and complaints from friends or coworkers. A dream of obligation is also a warning that you must keep any promises you have made to a person, or lose that persons esteem or love.

If you dream that you listen to, and are influenced by, an occultist teacher then you will seek the betterment of others under your care. To become enthralled in belief of the teachings then you will forebear to accept the crass material gain you are offered.

To dream of October portends success. New friendships or business affairs will ripen into lasting relationships.

A dream of oil represents great wealth or inner wealth, as in a dream of pumping crude oil to the surface. Using aromatic oils in a dream can represent sacred matters. A person associated with oil might be slick, or a smooth-talker.

Old man
If the old man guides or directs you in some way, he is, in Jungian thought, an archetypal figure. If the man appears to be weak or injured in some way, he could symbolize some part of yourself that needs attention or someone in your life who needs your help. It may also mean that you need to redefine your beliefs about aging.

Old woman
In Jungian terms, an old woman is an archetypal symbol of the power of the feminine, or the gatekeeper between life and death. If she is weak or injured, she may represent a part of yourself that needs attention or someone in your life who needs your help.

(color) The color orange corresponds to the second chakra and, at times, may be associated with our reproductive system. The second chakra is said to be responsible for our reproductive health and has something to do with our sexual expression. Many people have requested that this color be added into the dream dictionary, However, it is very difficult to make any correlation between its symbolism and a particular area of life. Consider your sexual and reproductive health and then make other associations in order to obtain a personal interpretation of the color orange.

An oven might represent a gestation period. It also symbolizes the womb and feminine energy. A dream of an oven could relate to a pregnancy.

An owl represents both wisdom and mystery and is a symbol of the unconscious.

To dream of an ox implies great strength and endurance and an ability to carry on against great odds.

An oyster in your dream may have sexual connotations. It usually represents the female sex organ or, if eaten by a man, may represent his ability or desire to perform well sexually. Oysters are also considered symbols of humility and wisdom. Their meaning is associated with that of pearls. The most negative interpretation is that the oyster represents a well guarded individual; a person who has shut himself off from others. Attempt to connect some of these ideas to your emotional life and overall experiences and keep in mind the setting, context and outcome of the dream.

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