Unveiling the Secrets on How to Keep Your Husband Happy

10 Brilliant Personalized 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 1st wedding anniversary is, without doubt, one of the most significant of all anniversaries. Like any first-time event, this anniversary is super special. It is the first time after marriage that the two of you are celebrating such a momentous occasion (not counting the birthdays). Expectations on her part run high - naturally. She…
Social network

Getting the Most Out of Social Communities

People are spending more and more time on social network sites. This can be fun and help you stay in touch with friends and family members. On the other hand, it can also be distracting and even overwhelming if you do not use your time wisely. Let's look at some ways to use social media…

Classic First Date Tips

When it comes to that first date with someone, you are going to need to be on your best behavior, right? Well, yes, but you should not be so frigid that you end up miring the whole situation. If you're going to go on a first date with someone that you really like, it's time…
The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Can Find

The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Can Find

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, sacrifice, trust, enjoyment of each others' company, tolerance, patience and tenacity. The best way to celebrate a wedding anniversary is to give the loved one the perfect gift for the occasion. One can traditionally give a particular gift on a particular year or use some of the…
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Online Dating

Online Dating in Retirement

This part of dating in retirement is about the online experience. Some say about 20% to 25% of all relationships start online. I'm sure this figure is higher for the retired because we spend more time at home and have fewer social engagements. But, is this a good idea for women? Let's examine the pros…
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5 Tips To Help You Pick The Best Movie Out Now For A First Date

First dates are right up there with international espionage in terms of anxiety and frustration. What's worse is that one of the things we decide to do for a first date is that we choose to spend time with someone we like, we choose one of the many movies out now, sit in a dark,…
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How to Kill Your Relationship With 5 Strokes

Introduction Here are 5 rules by which you can kill your relationship. The more you employ these rules, the more certain you can be that your relationship will be damaged: 1. Do not communicate 2. Be controlling 3. Always give negative feedback and criticism 4. Do not respect your partner 5. Do not pay attention…
Wedded Bliss and Anniversary Gifts

Wedded Bliss and Anniversary Gifts

Each year that passes describes an epic celebration. You and your spouse have made it another year without killing one another. But really, the passing of another year should be a time to remember why you got married in the first place and a time to share your love for one another. Anniversary celebratory customs…
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Seven Quick Ways to Add Romance to Your Relationship

Valentine's Day and the hype around it can be fun for some and daunting for others depending on the nature of the relationship. It should just be another fun day to celebrate your relationship. According to Statistic Brain (2015), consumers spend $ 13 billion on Valentine's Day yearly. Common gifts are candy, cards, flowers, and…
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