It’s Been Years, but IT’s time to make a Comeback. I STILL BELIEVE…DO YOU?

Romance 101 began in the early 90s as a college workshop, first put on by my friend Sean. I repackaged the workshop and continued to present it at various colleges.  The purpose was to demonstrate to attendees that everyone had a romantic within.  A popular item of the workshop was the Romance 101 document given out. With each session, the packet grew larger, until I created an online version to save on printing costs.  That’s how Romance 101 Online was born.

Romance 101 kept growing over the years.  At its height, it held over 2000 articles, was #1 on various search engines for “love” or “romance”, and was featured in my printed publications.  Since going online, Romance 101 has remained a FREE resource site providing inspiration to anyone who visited.

In 2010, the company that hosted Romance 101’s server let their hardware fail.  The site was completely lost.  They couldn’t provide any of the backups they claimed to have been making.  All 2000+ articles stored in the database was gone. Due to the site always cost me more than any advertising revenue brought it, I didn’t have money for a legal battle..

The thought of starting over was overwhelming. A labor of love now felt like an impossible hill to climb. So I took a short break that unfortunately turned into 8 years.

Over these years, I kept telling myself “I need to relaunch Romance 101”. With everything going on these days, now more then ever, it feels like we all could use a little more love in our lives. Finally I have time to relaunch our site. While I rebuild the site, I want to be upfront about a few items:

  • Romance 101 is a free romance resource site, dedicated to love, laughter, romance and inspiration.  This site will remain free.  I may re-add advertising at a later date, but that will only be to help pay the costs of run this site.
  • Romance 101 is open to all.  I don’t believe in the idea that there are set rules on love.  This site welcomes all who believe in love as well as those who want to rebuild their faith in love.  Love whoever you want to love, I will always believe in you and support you.  If you can’t accept that, this site probably isn’t the place for you.
  • I run this site on my own. Updates may come frequently or after a long break.  Life comes first.
  • Romance 101 thrives on submissions.  If you have something to share, something you believe belongs on Romance 101 and will help others, please use the submission form.
  • And most importantly..there may be articles you disagree with or find personally offensive. Even those items have purpose, as they can provide opportunities for open dialog with others.

So welcome back to Romance 101 to all my old friends.  And welcome to all new visitors.  Do you still believe in love? I know I do.  Let’s all prove that love and romance is still alive.

Jon Sternoff
Romance 101 Owner

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