11) She is constantly humming the theme to ‘Mighty Mouse.’

10) Refers to her apartment as the ‘Bat Cave.’ 

9) You kind of like her in the blue tights and red shorts, but the cape is a hassle in the sack. 

8) Keeps putting you down with, ‘That’s not the way Iron Man would do it.’ 

7) Has two spearguns welded to the front of her AMC Pacer. 

6) Always says, ‘I’ll be back,’ before going to the can. 

5) Studies cybernetics in spare time because, ‘You have to think like the enemy.’ )4. She owns two copies of Leonard Part VI. 

3. Mutters ‘One shot, one kill,’ with each belt of Jack Daniels. 

2) Enjoys giving ‘mortals’ tour of her sword collection. 

And the Number One Indication That Your Girlfriend Wants To Be A Supperhero Or Action Type… 

1) Every Thanksgiving, snaps the turkey’s neck, smiles at you and says, ‘Chefs do that!’ 

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