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16) “Ain’t no rodeo clown in the world that could keep me off *you*, Darlin’.”

15) “Here’s my number, call me if you need a few bucks.”

14) “Run if ya want, Missy, but I’ll have you hog-tied quicker than you can say ‘stay away from me you Skoal-chewin’ freak.'”

13) “Pardon me, Ma’am — you and your friend there interested in a little team ropin’?”

12) “I can see by your Wranglers that you’re a Jewish man…”

11) “Er, yeah… I *am* in the Village People.”

10) “How’d you like to put a pinch of *me* between your cheek and gum?”

9) “Them calves of yours sure look like they could use a bit of ropin’.”

8) “Got 8 seconds?”

7) “Ropes, spurs, leather gloves — Honey, even I weren’t no cowboy, we’re talking a good time!”

6) “I’ll be in Intensive Care later. Why don’t you drop by?”

5) “You sure make me wish I hadn’t crapped my pants when that bull charged.”

4) “Honey, I *need* a belt buckle this large to keep from gettin’ arrested in Mississippi.”

3) “Is that a pelvis broken in three places, or are you just happy to see me?”

2) “Mooooooooo.”

and the Number 1 Rodeo Pick-Up Line…

“That’s right, I said ‘*and* the horse you rode in on.'”

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