Disclaimer: The item below was submitted and shared unedited. It is meant as humor and not meant to be offend or taken seriously. Romance 101 will not be held liable if you actually use anything below in a real world setting.

10) ‘I’ll make you shake like a bowl full of jelly.’ 

9) ‘I put the ‘scroo’ in Scrooge.’ 

8) ‘I’ve got something you can hang a wreath on.’ 

7) ‘One hour with me, honey, and you’ll see flyin’ reindeer!’ 

6) ‘Buy you a Zima?’ 

5) ‘That is a candy cane in my pocket, and I am glad to see you.’ 

4) ‘Uh — yeah, that’s right, I’m Kenny Rogers.’ 

3) ‘I got your stocking stuffer right here my dear!’ 

2) ‘Giddy-up over here and say ‘howdy’ to your fat, bearded cowboy of love!’ 

And the #1 Santa Pick-up Line… 

1) ‘Naughty or Nice? Let’s get Naughty…’ 

Christmas ornaments and santa hat on wooden snowy background

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