By Jovia D’Souza

It can be exciting when meeting your date for the very first time, but it can also leave you anxious wondering how it will all go down. Some people make the mistake of trying too hard to make the date a success, but the more effort you try to make to impress your date during the meeting the higher your chances of failing. Simple preparations and remaining calm during the date can work in making the first meeting comfortable and pleasant for both of you.

Talk the day before the meeting

This is not only helpful in confirming that the meeting is still on but it also works in easing the tension that could be mounting. It will also help eliminate the weirdness of the meeting since you will find it easy to start and hold a conversation when you finally sit down together.

Clean your record

A large number of singles dating online lie about one thing or the other when dating but when it is finally time to meet your potential partner, it only helps you come in about things when they finally meet you. A date who cares enough and wants to know you better will not be thrown off balance with such confessions and will still go through with the date. If they can not handle the confession, then they probably were not what you deserve.

Get ready for the date

Dress nicely for your date and have every hair in place. It does not mean getting all dolled up, but at least make an effort to look good for your date. When you are confident with your image, then you stand to remain confident with the entire date because you will be feeling good about yourself.

Meet publicly

It is not only a matter of safety but also a very good way of easing tension between you too. When you meet in a public place you have lots of things around you that you can use to keep the conversation going and it helps you both relax and enjoy the company.

Do not act any differently

Let the person you have been online reflect when you finally meet face to face. Yes, you might be tense about the date but do not allow this to make you act any differently. Remember your online image is what has made the person like you and when you are honest about who you are from the start, then it should not give you any problems keeping up with the person they know. For instance, if you have flirted online, then do not try to act as though you are the most innocent person on earth. Instead, use body language to make express what you did not express on the phone or mail.

Talk and listen

Showing that you are listening is very important when you meet but you should also play an active role in the conversation. Strike a balance between talking about yourself and asking questions, then listen attentively to what your date has to say.


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