The Life Is So Unfair – Your Loved One Left You And The Anger Breaks Your Heart

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Yes, You are angry right now! You broke up with the love of your life or what is worse, this person is dead now. You are full of anger, rage, and sadness within yourself. You can remind unhappy moments and feelings. You are hateful, hopeless and out of control of your life. The life is so unfair …

People claim that your remedy is time. You need to wait a period of time and emotional hurt will disappear. Is it what you hear from people over and over again? It seduces you to suffer from pain for many years after this traumatic accident.

When you boil over with anger, you used to justify it as it is normal to hold this emotion. In other words, anger may feel like “good and natural thing”.

There are many reasons why you hold anger in your heart:

The anger shows you why and how bad and pointless your relationship was. So that you will not make the same mistake again and you will choose normal healthy, loving partner. So you will feel relaxed, safe, secure, empowered, peaceful and happy.

The second:
The anger helps you to get self-punishment. So that you will fix my mistake and you will achieve a sense of relief and resilience to your pain. You will feel relaxed, calm feel good about yourself and content.

The third:
You deserve to be angry. You suffered so long. He / she did not respect you and love you. You got ridiculed and lied so many times. It helps to restore your weaknesses into strength, confidence and high self-worth.

The fourth:
You are angry because it will help you protect yourself from any future hurt and abuse. It makes you feel safe, secured, empowered, peaceful and content.

It looks like the anger is a great thing in your life. So why are you still feeling so broken inside ?!

The summary statement:

The anger makes you stronger, self-empowered, confident adult. You are safe, secure, peaceful and content as well.

I am sure you must feel a bit uncomfortable and a bit triggered. You noticed that this issue is making your life so miserable! Do not worry because there is always the way out.

The anger is a piece of your unhappy story. Any time you remind of bad events, you get triggered. Any negative emotions can pop up. There is no place for any happy feelings, clarity of your mind is over. The more you hold anger and negative, past memories, the more you are drowning in depression. The life started to be out of control and it stops you from any further, new relationships. Is that familiar to you?

What is more, you lose your vital life force energy to function in your life.

Do you notice how anger is toxic to you? Yes, it is very toxic and it is killing you.

When we come back to the summary statement:

The anger makes you stronger, self-empowered, confident adult. You are safe, secure, peaceful and content as well.

What do you think of this statement? Is this true or false?

No, it is not!

If you want to get rid of anger from your heart, place your hand over your heart and command:

I want to purge toxic, false summary statement from my heart completely.

Now, think of the anger. Speak from the bottom of your heart and command: I want to purge the anger from my heart right now!

Now, take a moment and reconsider how you feel inside of yourself.

You can experience a shift in your emotions. You are more relaxed, released and detached from the anger issue. You may feel distanced from the past and be more self-aware and excited about your present life.

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