By Mallika Joshi 

Finding a love is rather simple for many. However, keeping that love is the real and ultimate test of truth. Intimacy in a relationship bubbles from romance, and it take the effort of both the partner to keep the romance alive.

For some people, the fear of falling out of love begins when they note a lack of romance. Unfortunately what they fail to do is put in a little effort and bring back the romance into their love life. Appreciating each other’s character is a key element. You and your partner may have several things that you like and have in common.

You can always point out things you do not like in your partner, or simply accept the flaw and move on with them. Nobody is born perfect isn’t it? Make sure you are not focusing on fishing out the wrongs in your partner but on the positive things making each other a better person, focusing on the right things to cherish.

Communication helps to foster a good relationship. Long talks about life and plans, investments, adventures will help cement the romance. Sharing is caring, never shut the doors of communication.

It is also good to talk and reminisce about the past, the fun time and even those tough times that you both went through. Avoid making your conversation a topic that centers about you and what you want or like, but more of what your partners would like or want yet directing it to have you included in them.

The one thing that may kill the romance is arguments. The worse of it is taking the argument to bed with you, which means you both go to bed mad and aggravating the situation. Just resolve all your issues before you go to sleep.

Silence is also an alternative, but not all the way to the bed. You should take time to say or show that you still love and care before sleeping. A good way of keeping the romance burning is by letting the evening be a moment for both to unwind and enjoy each others company.

Show each other love through simple expressions such as a cuddle. It is a solid way of building a firm foundation for the love you share. Most of the silly yet cute things that you did when you started dating are the fuels that will keep the romance alive. These are the things that most people tend to overlook.

Hold hands when watching your favourite movie, or surprise dances when you hear music that you both love, exchanging unexpected kisses and other silly little things are great expression of love that will work wonders, igniting the romance.

Life is too short for arguments, spread the love around.

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