By Aman Tumukur Khanna

The web has been useful in every aspect. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to mention that the dating field is not an exception. Since dating sites have been created online, people are finding it more convenient to find their dates online. No more do they have to wait for years in order to meet the right person. Traditional dating is almost fading away. With that, it can be said that both of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us find out what they are by reading this article.

Choice of dates

Traditional dating is restricted to the social and geographical circle. On the other hand, in online dating, you can choose your partner from different parts of the country.

Comfort in meetings

If you have gone for a traditional dating, you know how it is like. Often a friend sets up the date with another friend of his or her. It might happen by meeting them at a party or a restaurant. The problem with this dating is that as the person is totally a stranger you might feel awkward. Starting a conversation can be difficult rather say embarrassing. the positive side is that it is filled with excitation. If you are dating online, you can be choosy in selecting profiles from their details mentioned. Here you can approach the person from the comfort of your home.

Compatibility factor

Traditional dating largely depends on physical attraction. If you like the person at the first glance you will agree to meet him or her. You do not get to understand the person in real. Relationships on this basis are not going to last long for sure. While in online dating there is nothing called physical attraction. You get to talk to the person and have a peep into his or her personality without having seen the picture of the person. Meetings happen much later. The compatibility is said to be more here because a person is chosen on the basis of similar interest and taste.

Risks in dating

Online dating is not without disadvantages. People sometimes put up fake information and pictures just in order to impress others. So, many people think that online dates can actually be a risky factor. If you are dating online, you need to be very careful. Similarly, in traditional dating also if the meeting is set by a common friend then the character of the person can be verified by the friend. Again, if the meeting was face to face you would not know the personality of the person.

Well, no exact conclusion can be found about which one is better. It is best that you decide the type of dating you want to choose to find your date.


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