December 2018

Portrait of unhappy young couple in bedroom

Relationship Troubles And Traps To Overcome For Saving The Marriage

Because abuse and violence, or cheating and infidelity in marriage are not the only ones that are of the ingredients of an unhealthy relationship, let's look at how to heal a broken relationship by avoiding particular ugly traps. Keep in mind as you read on that course in Miracles states, "Time is indeed unkind to…
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AdviceLong Distance

6 Keys To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Long Distance Relationships can be hard, and they often do not work out. However, sometimes they do. Usually, this is after some nights or days have been spent together totally immersed in each other and a real lasting connection has been made. It's much more than just surface level attraction. It is not uncommon in…
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How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

What is your expectation? It is very important to know what your expectations are. Why? This is because it is the first step to bring clarity in a chaotic situation. So before acting, you must ask yourself what your expectations are. Do you want her to be your girlfriend, a friend (with or without benefits)…
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Should Your Guy Be Worried About Losing You?

Most guys will make the effort to impress you at the start of a relationship. But over time and when things become familiar, the many things that were done to impress you may simply slow down or completely stop. If he starts to believe you will always be there, there is likely to be a…
Husband surprised wife with red rose bouquet

Are You a Believer in Romantic Love… Why?

The current 'atmosphere' of dating and relationships seems to be circulating the feeling of "I want it - but do I?". I walk past young lovers in Paris (I'm in Paris at the moment) and see a lot of couples enjoying the energy of the city and each other - playing flirting games of "I…
Mature couple still in love

The Stages of Life

THE MALE STAGES OF LIFE AGE – DRINK 17 – beer 25 – beer 35 – vodka 48 – vodka martini 66 –


Before & After

Before – You take my breath awayAfter – I feel like I’m suffocatingBefore – Twice a nightAfter – Twice a monthBefore – She

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