By Sheri E Ragland

Valentine’s Day and the hype around it can be fun for some and daunting for others depending on the nature of the relationship. It should just be another fun day to celebrate your relationship. According to Statistic Brain (2015), consumers spend $ 13 billion on Valentine’s Day yearly. Common gifts are candy, cards, flowers, and dinner. However, I like to think a bit outside of the box by doing something special for and with my spouse throughout the year. Valentine’s Day is only one of the many days for sharing a romantic time together. Here are seven quick ways to add romance to your relationship anytime.

Write a handwritten love note with a latte or cappuccino for the morning rush. When you take the time to write a note, it is a personal touch that can become a keepsake to remember for your partner or spouse. A latte or cappuccino in addition to the note will make your partner or spouse’s morning more enjoyable, especially if he or she is a coffee lover. You can easily substitute the coffee for something your partner or spouse likes, such as tea or hot chocolate.

Make breakfast in bed for your partner. This sweet idea never becomes old. When your partner or spouse wakes up to a breakfast in bed, it will be a sweet surprise. It may require a little planning. However, breakfast can be as simple as coffee, orange juice, and a slice of toast with a fresh flower in a vase. Your partner or spouse will remember this kind gesture.

Watch a late night movie at home with snacks / popcorn. I never get tired of watching late night movies, especially classics, with my husband until the wee hours of the morning accompanied by snacks and popcorn. Pick your movie and settle in for fun and relaxation with no time constraints.

Make a spontaneous stop at a pastry shop for a dess dessert and espresso. Try a little hot dessert and a latte or tea as a treat for the evening time. It is a great way to end a busy day. If you do not like pastries or coffee, try ice cream or yogurt instead.

Engage in some cool Jazz at a quaint spot for two. I love Jazz. New York City is full of Jazz spots, especially on the weekend. Find a wonderful spot like Measures on Fifth Avenue at Langham Place Hotel and relax to the sweet sounds. Also, enjoy the tasty appetizers for two. They also have an amazing wine list and great service. However, you can certainly substitute the jazz for something you love depending on where you live or interests.

Plan and cook a tasty dinner for two as co-partners in the kitchen. It is nothing like sharing some time together, while cooking a splendid dinner together. Cooking together has become a favorite pastime for couples looking to reconnect in a productive way.

Spend quiet time together any way you like. Most couples have busy schedules; and it is often difficult to find some quiet time together. Even if it is for an hour or two, find a place somewhere that is private and take the time to talk and or just listen to each other’s heartbeat. It will help keep you as a couple close, warm, and happy.

Sacrificing your time for other things in life can stress your relationship. Therefore, it is important to spend uninterrupted time together as often as possible. The seven quick ways to add romance to your relationship have been provided to help you as a couple to reconnect. Your time together should be fun, lighthearted, and or intimate. Spending quality time together should take place as often as possible. Valentine’s Day should be another day to add to your many other romantic days throughout the year.


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