Going back to the time, I just remember how we met, how we became friends and how I fell for you. You are indeed a great personality – the way you talk, the way you smile, your obsession with success, love for your family. Your passion for your future, your philosophical thoughts, clarity about your life, the purity in your heart, control over your emotions, your friendly nature, your efforts to make me laugh when I feel alone, when I feel so low. The way you turn every intense situation into something positive and sometimes light. Being yourself, being so selfless, adventurous, caring, and affectionate. You always pushed me toward success and every bit of this attracted me towards you. Your single text makes me feel alright. Thank you for all the care, love and confidence in me.

I love you more when you say, “text me when you reach home.”

Have you ever closed your eyes under the sun? When you open them, everything is flashy in blue shade loving you is something like that. You turned into the reason I saw happiness on the planet how I appreciate you, my love, There’s no me if not with you. You breathe life into my lungs. I smell of you. My fragrance, the calm of your soul. See, I hide my emotions like that. But, my flower, do not you see? I am trying so hard, and I still feel like I’ve only skimmed the surface of this emotional pool I have inside me. I’m so full, so full of you. How I love you.

So stay, stay forever. Be here when the bed gets cold, our entwined bodies will set it on fire. Stay here when things get rough, I’ll spend my life figuring out the puzzle for you. Stay here when you’re not sure of the world, I’ll make it revolve the way you want. Stay here when you’re losing yourself, I’ll make you out of my bones. Stay here and make me a better me if I am not enough. I do not know a better use of my soul if not devoted to you.

It is so difficult to explain all the things that you are to me, but today I’ll try. My heart is bursting at the seams – I must speak, for I can not let you become a weakness. You’re only – always – a strength. You gave me more than I could have asked for, simply by being your truest self. You showed me what a person is capable of being, of what purity of thoughts, an honesty of intentions can get you. Today, I want to tell you more than I say. Today, I say thank you.

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