By Balakrishnan Lekshminarayanan


Manliness comes not only from age but also from the attitudes that they develop over a time period. The world has a lot of brash, noisy and reckless boys. On the other hand, it has less number of responsible and composed men. In fact, people have asked a question on this since time immemorial – what separates the men from boys? People have been asking this question time and again. This article seeks to find the answer for this million dollar question through the analysis of relationships.


1. Men act quickly. On the other hand, boys believe in delivering words and tall promises. Here, they think twice over before committing anything to anyone person.
2. Men command attention by their deeds. On the other hand, boys try hard to become the cynure of everyone’s eyes by doing something or the other.
3. Men are confident as they know ways to overcome the adversities. In comparison, the boys get flustered by the hostile circumstances and seek guidance from others to overcome them.
4. Men give respect to others as they know it is noble to do so. The boys never believe in such noble needs. Instead, they embark on a mission to make others respect them. They even try to bully others to prove their points.
5. Men look after women and earn their love and affection. On the other hand, the boys go after them to earn the attention and pass time with them. Here, they are never serious in relationships.
6. Men settle the fights when they see them. Due to the hot blood rushing through their veins, boys often go into such fights and make matter worse by taking sides.
7. Men do not play games just for the heck of it. Boys go after the games just like that and make sure that they win by hook or crook.
8. Another stark difference between men and boys lies in the way they approach the solution. Men look for solutions to problems. In comparison, the boys try their best to escape from them by making lame excuses.
9. Men are magnanimous when they make mistake. If someone points that out, they correct their mistakes. Boys never admit their mistakes and try to find the same in others. Boys do this often to prove their points.
10. On confronting tough situations, men keep their cool and think over to find solutions. In contrast, boys tend to spoil the situations by remaining hot-headed. Due to this fact, it is difficult for them to arrive at the correct solution.


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