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How To Kill A Relationship in Three Easy Ways

For those of you who often wonder why your partner wants out, I have tried to come up with three easy ways that will almost insure the destruction of a close relationship. They are, in no particular order: 1) Fill your relationship jar to the very top with sand; 2) park your car in your…
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Online Dating

How To Stand Out From The Crowd And Make Online Dating Work For You

When you enter into online dating with the sole aim of being successful in your search, then being unique is what you should think about. You really can not be like everyone else and expect that potential partners will look at you any different. When you work on being unique or doing things a little…
Get the Kind Of Marriage Counselling That Is Healthy For Your Relationship

Different Types of Love

LOVE - this word must be one of the most used words in the human world, regardless of the language or culture. But there are so many different meanings to this one simple word. This word is used often in all languages ​​to express the English word. It is hard to define this word universally,…
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Top 40 Romantic Things To Do

1. Get up super early. Have a special breakfast prepared in advance (croissants, danishes etc ..) and set the timer on the coffee maker. Take a short trip to watch the sunrise together. 2. When your special someone gets home, have a makeshift massage area ready to go (the bedroom works best) complete with candlelight,…
How to Put the Sparkle Back in Your Relationships

How to Put the Sparkle Back in Your Relationships

How well do you get on with other people? Do you find the world an unfriendly and hostile place or are most people helpful and friendly towards you? Whichever world you experience, you will find that your relationship with yourself governs all your relationships. How can this be? Your thoughts and emotions mirror your world…
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3 Tips On How To Keep A Text Conversation Going With A Girl

There are a lot of different ways that you can keep a conversation going with someone. But what about a text conversation? The rules are a little different, especially if you're going to chat with someone on a regular basis. Text solutions are going to be a bit more complicated, because it can be informal,…
How To Make A Relationship Work?

How To Make A Relationship Work?

Every one's relationships are different. But sometimes we face similar issues. Most people enter into a relationship with the best of intentions, assuming that they will remain in a permanent and happy union. Unfortunately, it is not always the case that relationships work out as planned. All relationships have their ups and down. Read on…
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3 Secrets to Getting More Love in Any Relationship

Many people, including me, know what it's like to feel a lack of love, compassion, and caring. I was abandoned by my mother at just three months old, and adopted at the tender, vulnerable age of seven, after several foster homes. I never felt loved by my adoptive mother, and my father was working or…
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10 Things Which Separate Men From Boys

Introduction Manliness comes not only from age but also from the attitudes that they develop over a time period. The world has a lot of brash, noisy and reckless boys. On the other hand, it has less number of responsible and composed men. In fact, people have asked a question on this since time immemorial…
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Online Dating

4 Popular Types of Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites have now become so popular that nearly 1 in 4 people has met or dated someone they met though an online service. But, with so many different choices, it can be difficult to decide on a specific site that meets the needs. But with a better understanding of the available choices, it…
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