Romance 101 Will Be Back!

4/19/16 Update - After 12 years of having's server hosted by 1&1, the dedicated server finally kicked the bucket. And of course this happened a couple of weeks after my home computer died. The short story is, the old site is gone and the back-up is usable. I've run Romance 101 for over 20 years and I am ok with this. I've been wanting to revamp Romance 101 for years and this is the incentive I needed.

So now I've moved the site to a new faster server, and I'm working on building the new site. Hopefully over the next few weeks you will see the new site take form, but in the meantime, if you visit, you will see me trying different things and posting test articles....but please bear with me. As some know, Romance 101 is maintained by one funded solely via advertising (and I try to keep that to a minimum). I do not run this site for profit (I actually lose money month to month), it's run to offer inspiration. Romance 101 will continue to be free for use Please keep checking back to check on the site progress.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at If you want to submit content for future publish, you can use the previous email address mentioned (content should be related to romantic tips or inspiration). No romance novel plug requests please...while Romance Novels have a lot to offer, they are not what this site is about.

Continue to inspire and be inspired...

Jon Sternoff